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Welcome to FlyIT!

We are a software development and consulting company with a new approach, where we create affordable and fast solutions for our partners. We want to dispel the belief that building a modern digital solution is expensive and slow.

  • We have a solid and extensive IT and business experience, we understand and know what digital problems companies face.
  • With us, speed and affordability are not just marketing materials! We believe in the power of digitization.
  • We help companies with Office365 / MS365 subscriptions build PowerApps and PowerAutomate solutions after a comprehensive needs assessment.
  • I hope we can work together to digitally develop your company!

Our slogan: You imagine, we make it fly!

Korek György, FlyIT Founder and CEO

No business can operate without values!

Our values



Digitization is not the prerogative of big business. We believe with heart and soul that we will play our part in the development of the world as digitalization progresses.



With our solutions, we help our partners do their jobs better and more efficiently. We also expect continuous improvement from ourselves in order to achieve new goals.



We have a different approach and goals compared to the average IT service provider. It is this ambition that drives us to move forward with our customers.

FlyIT. Availability. Development. Ambition.

Microsoft CertifiedIVSZ
Why did we create FlyIT?

Our mission, our vision

We see, we find that the digitalization of businesses is not developing at the pace that the world economy and today's events (covid-19 / war / etc ..) would expect. A significant proportion of businesses are unable to keep up, partly due to money and time. Our main goal is to reach and catch up with a significant portion of businesses digitally. With our affordable and quality solutions.

"Világgazdaság.hu (2021.10.13.): The digitization of domestic businesses is stalling in one place"

FlyIT - You imagine it, we make it fly!
Our references

Here are some examples of PowerPlatform solutions we have developed:


Company information:


FlyIT Kft. (Ltd.)

Application development with various technologies and business analysis.

  • PowerApps development
  • PowerAutomate development
  • Business analysis
  • Company Tax number: (HU27839294)
  • Company registration number: 13-09-220038

CEO: Korek György


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