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We make it possible for our partners to get business applications as fast as never thanks to the flexibility and quick commissioning of PowerApps. We open up new opportunities in digitalization for our partners, there’s no more endless development time.


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We make it possible for all our partners to get unique applications with advanced functions which were only availably to corporate companies until now.

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We offer solutions for our partners that make the digitalization smooth, the company scalable and the processes modern. All this continuously and the possibility of expandability is eternal.

Let’s figure it out together how can we make your company more efficient!

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Numerous companies could decrease the development costs and increase the general efficiency with PowerApps. Are you wondering how? It is released in the Total Economic Impact™study..

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of experience in PowerPlatform development
reduction of general IT costs
developed PowerApps business applications

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Asset management application

An asset management tool, that can be used by several colleagues at the same time, it provides a transparent and easy way to administrate the movement or the condition of the company’s devices (such as cars, laptops, monitors, or anything else). You can handle the company’s resources from one interface, and your employees can see a list of their own assets in their user interface. In the storage dashboard you can see visually the number of the devices that can be issued. An automatic notification warns the user if they must give any of their assets back or if there’s any kind of asset that is low in stock.

  • Easy asset administration, replacing the paper-based handover process
  • Transparent employee user interface
  • Push notifications, warnings
  • Unified asset management
  • Do you handle the registration of the company’s assets paper-based or in different excels? Level up your business with a digital solution!

You imagine, we make it fly!

PowerApps, PowerAutomate, Sharepoint, Dataverse

Digital Corporate Platform ™

We believe that most of the workflows could operate on a digital basis. That's why we created DCP which is a complex platform for your company to solve your problems. DCP includes several modules that are supporting your company more you can imagine. If you don't have the time to create your own workflow systems, you can have DCP which is already developed and ready-to-use. You don't have to pay monthly, yearly or have any other subscription. If you invest in this system once, you have it for the end of time. Our goal is to ensure easily available, affordable solutions for all digital needs as quick as possible while providing the highest quality.  


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